Get Deconfused - Separate Science Fact from Science Fiction

I will present the factual data and proven physics to allow people to understand what in the debate is proven science and what is not, all easy to validate at high school physics level using government statistics. Goal is to estabish what is honest and prudent, and what is deceitful and fraudulent, that you can check for yourself.

As a taster, the simple fact of most temperate zone grids w/o substantial hydro opportunities, is that the subsidising of weak and intermittent renewable energy at 2 or 3 times what it’s worth, about 1/3 of the time it’s working, mostly  “offsetting” clean low carbon gas responsible for 30% of our grid emissions, rather than high carbon coal responsible for 70% of it, must in fact make net CO2 emissions from the grid overall much worse than simply replacing coal with gas on existing grid locations at 60% LESS CO2, 24/7, unsubsidised.  But simply offsetting coal with clean, safe, quick build, instant gas reduces CO2 >40% – with no renewables. Nuclear is zero carbon at the same price. The most “offset” can ever deliver is 33% CO2 reduction of ALL fossil grid emissions, its duty cycle. This would require 60,000 – for 60GW max – or so 1MW wind turbines which requires about 1/4 of the UK surface area to be available with windy enough conditions, at 1Km spacing. Do the arithmatic.

So renewables make climate change expensively worse in fact, with massive environmental damage and new instrafstructure that will be pointlessly obsolete eco junk when fossil use had ended for this purpose. when in fact only nuclear energy is adequate to deliver our then more than doubled electrical energy needs when transport and heating are added.

Cost of this fraud on the hard facts? Currently wasting £3.4B pa guarateed for 20 years for making CO2 emissions worse, by law, justified by claims to reduce emissions, hence relieve climate change.

While the policies have the correct goals, the prescriptions of subsidy make them all expensively worse in fact, and will eave us with a useless legacy eyesore of renewables that can’t deliver any of the promises, in particular an adequate and decarbonised electrical supply, when fossil declines.

A cynical lie for easy profit by scaring the public with change that occiurs over 100’s of years in fact, then offering a bogus short term fix for a fast profit, that makes everything claimed to be improved worse by law. Government at work.

Renewable subsidies profit only the lobbyists and landowner cronies of senior government officials and  politicians promoting these clear frauds on the science fact., executed at the expense of the climate and the bill payer, by law. Malfeasance.